Terms and conditions

1. Room prices

Room prices are per room, per night and are inclusive of VAT. Meals are not included in the room price. Lowest rate guarantee.
The hotel details page will display if "breakfast is included."  

2. Reservations

You can book your room by filling in the booking form. In order to confirm your booking we require a 15% deposit payment, which can be made by debit / credit card through the secure Paypal payment gateway. At the completion of the booking process you are presented with a printable booking receipt, with one booking reference numbers. These reference numbers should be retained by you and quoted in any future. Although Hotelbooking will make every possible effort to accommodate your personal requirements, all rooms are subject to availability. We apologize in advance if your particular requests cannot be met.

3. Payment

The payment you make on this website comprises a deposit of 15% for the cost of your entire booking. To confirm your booking, you may go directly to our secure PayPal payment gateway by using the myBooking form at the bottom of this page or directly after completing the booking form. You must pay a deposit and this will ensure that your booking is confirmed within minutes. 
You are required to pay the remaining balance in local currency on arrival at your destination.

4. Cancellations

Cancellation of a room reservation must be made by using the myBooking login at the bottom of this page. If you cancel a room reservation, the 15% deposit payment made to Hotelbooking.st is non-refundable. Cancellations can be made on this website at any time in advance of arrival date.

5. Refunds

The booking deposit amount is non-refundable. No refunds will therefore be issued.

6. Modify your booking

In order to modify this booking, please cancel the booking and create a new booking.
The booking deposit amount of the canceled booking will be added to the new booking.